Here are the specs for the 250 lbf regeneratively cooled engine.

Fuel:                Kerosene
Oxidizer:            Liquid Oxygen (LOX)
Mixture ratio:       1.8
Thrust:              250 lbf
Chamber pressure:    265 psia
Chamber diameter:    2.66 inches
Chamber length:      3.94 inches
Nozzle throat dia.:  0.94 inches
Nozzle exit dia.:    2.01 inches
Injector pairs:      10
Fuel injection dia.: 0.046 inches
Oxidizer inj. dia.:  0.055 inches
Chamber temperature: 5564 Deg R (5104 Deg F)
Chamber material:    6061-T6 aluminum

Here is the design spreadsheet in OpenOffice format and in MS Excel format.